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LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience: Home

This resource guide presents links and information to assist you in meeting the course objectives and learning outcomes of LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience.

College Success and the Mercy Experience

Welcome to Mount Aloysius College and to this course, LIBA 150: College Success and the Mercy Experience.

This resource guide has been designed as a go-to place to find links and information for resources and services available at Mount Aloysius College, in the College Library and on the Internet.  These tools are intended to assist you in achieving success in the work  that you will do here.  We encourage you to use them.

As no resource guide can be totally comprehensive, we also encourage you to become your own best advocate early in your academic endeavors and to ask questions - many questions.  Shift your curiosity into high gear!  And always remember that the faculty and staff are committed to assisting you in reaching your goals.

Use the tabs across the top of this guide to navigate through the different types of information that is available for your use.


LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience

The purpose of this class is to integrate first year students into the community of thinkers and learners.  It is an inquiry into the academic expectations, resources, and traditions of Mount Aloysius College.  Students are challenged to enhance their intellectual potential, understand their academic and moral responsibilities in a framework that develops the critical thinking, learning, and communication skills necessary to contribute successfully to the college's intellectual life.

(Catalog Description from the syllabus for LIBA 150)

Cross of the Sisters of Mercy, from a devotional print, ca. 1920

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