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LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience: Library Tools

This resource guide presents links and information to assist you in meeting the course objectives and learning outcomes of LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience.

College Success and the Mercy Experience

Library Tools

Library Tools to Explore

Welcome to the Mount Aloysius College Library!

The material presented on this page will briefly introduce you to the main Library tools that you will need to use in order to find resources to complete your information-based research assignments.  For the most part, these tools are databases (usually, a large collection of related information that is organized especially for rapid search and retrieval).  While there are several types of databases that serve various needs, the kinds of databases that the Library offers are electronic and provide access to both books and periodical articles from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, etc.  

You are encouraged to explore these tools and to challenge yourself to develop searching skills that will return relevant results and save you time.  Think about scheduling a one-on-one appointment with a Reference Librarian.  Also, take a look at the detailed instructions on the Library Tools Resource Guide.

The Library Tools described on this page can be accessed from the LIbrary Website, pictured at the top of this page, in the middle column. (NOTE: The Library hours shown in the picture are summer hours, when this guide was produced.  They are updated regularly to reflect the actual hours throughout the academic year.  A direct link to the Library Webpage is on the My MAC page, in the left-hand column.


The easiest and quickest way to search for resources is via EZSearch, a database that searches multiple databases simultaneously.  The EZSearch search box is located at the top of the MAC Library website, under "Find articles, books, & more."  Simply enter your search terms (author, title, keyword) in the white search box and then click on the blue button, "Search."  EZSearch looks through virtually all of the Library tools at the same time.  In a sense, it is like Google for Libraries.  It returns records for books, electronic books, articles from newspapers, magazines, scholarly publications and many other types of information. 

While this Library tool is initially ease to use, it does require work on your part, especially if you are new to doing research for information.  Be sure to ask a Librarian for assistance in unlocking the potential of this Library Tool 

Library Website


A-Z Databases

A full listing of the Mount Aloysius College Library's periodical databases can be accessed from the main LIbrary webpage by clicking on the Articles/Databases Quick Link.  Take a few minutes to scan this list, noting that there are both general databases (ProQuest) and discipline-specific ones such as ABI/INFORM Complete (Business), MLA International Bibliography (Language & Literature), and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.  Identify a specialized database that provides resources in your major (ex., Nursing) and explore it.

While there are differences from one database to another, the basic principles of searching are essentially the same across the array of databases.

You may have noticed that there are a number of encyclopedias on this page of databases.  Two of these are the Encyclopædia Britannica and the Encyclopedia of Religion, both of which provide high quality information from recognized scholars.  In addition, there are several magazines, such as Dimensions of Early Childhood and the Harvard Business Review, presented here.

ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central is the most comprehensive, all purpose, multidisciplinary database offered in the lineup of Library Tools available from the Mount Aloysius College Library.  It offers both breadth and depth and is the best starting point for a novice searcher as well as those who have a well developed research strategy.  This is a perfect database in which to learn how to refine and limit a search.  Take the time to master the use of this database early on in your educational journey.  Librarians are available to show you how to navigate this important Library Tool.

Journal Finder

Not all items returned in a database search may be available full-text in that database.  Journal Finder, which is listed on the database page, is used to search for the full-text versions of articles that may be available in other databases.  It can also be used when a library user has a citation only and needs to find the full-text for that article in one of the databases available on through the Library.

Another feature of Journal Finder is "Browse by Subject."  This search returns a list of publications that are available in a given subject area such as the Social Sciences, for example.

Interlibrary Loan

Copies of periodical articles that are not available in the Mount Aloysius College Library may be ordered through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  Be sure to check Journal Finder before submitting a request to determine if the article you need is already available in one of the Library's databases.  Interlibrary Loan is also available to request books that are unavailable in the Library's collection.  The form for requesting an item through ILL can be accessed by clicking on Resources under the Quick Links of the Library website.

Mountlink - The MAC Book Catalog

The finding tool for print materials (books and a selection of newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals NOT available in the MAC databases) and audio-visual (mostly DVDs) held in the Mount Aloysius College Library's collection is MOUNTLINK.  It can be accessed by clicking on  the Books/Catalog Quick Link on the Library Website.

The main book collection is shelved on the second floor of the Library.  The Library  maintains a collection of children's (Juvenile) books, also shelved on the second floor.   In addition, there is a special collection that is shelved in the Euceumenical Studies Center, located on the lower level of the Library.  This collection, a gift of the Reverend Gerald Myers, holds more than 18,000 volumes in theology and religious studies.

EBook Central

EBook Central (available from the Library's databases page) offers authoritative electronic books on a wide range of subject areas as well as powerful tools to help you find, use, and manage the information you need.  The focus of this collection is on scholarly sources, including University Presses and other top, academic publishers.

Review the Resource Guide EBook Central from ProQuest for details on getting started on using this Library Tool and a description of the special features available to enhance your use of this collection,

Films on Demand

Films On Demandwhich can be accessed from the A-Z Databases page, is a web-based digital video delivery platform that allows you to view a collection of streaming videos anytime through the database. Titles are viewable in segments or full video when available.  The emphasis of these videos is on academic materials.

Scroll down to the bottom of the home page of this database to find the Quick Start Guide that is available under "Training."

Consider adding a segment of a video to a in-class presentation. 

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