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LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience: Reserve Items for LIBA 150

This resource guide presents links and information to assist you in meeting the course objectives and learning outcomes of LIBA 150 - College Success and the Mercy Experience.

College Success and the Mercy Experience

Items on Reserve at the Library Circulation Desk

On Two-hour Reserve for In-Library Reading, Photocopying or Scanning


These three publications are each, in their own way, very special.  Each one presents unique background information on Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy and/or Mount Aloysius College.  

We encourage you to take the time to read one, or all three, of them.  They are short and should each take only a few minutes of your time.  We promise you enrichment!

Bentsen, Eileen, et al., editors.  A Legacy of Mercy.  Mount Aloysius College, [n.d.].  
An overview of the founding of the Sisters of Mercy and a brief history of Mount Aloysius College, this publication contains many old photographs and drawings from the College Archives.  (Twelve pages)

Kelly, Regina M. Remember Me Affectionately to All. Religious Sisters of Mercy, 1978. 
This booklet tells the story of Catherine McAuley, a woman whose life was dedicated to compassionate caring.  (19 pages)

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas: Life and Works.  Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, 2003. 
A brief overview of the various ministries and programs of the Sisters of Mercy. (Twelve pages)

What Are Reserves? Where Are They in the Library?

Faculty put items on RESERVE so that all students in a class will have the opportunity to review them.  Generally, these items are either the personal property of the faculty member or they may be the only copy available in the Library's collection.  Putting items on RESERVE prevents one student from checking them out, thus preventing other students from  accessing them.

RESERVE items are held at the Circulation Desk.  Students will need to present their student ID in order to check out these materials.  Usually the check out period in two hours for in-Library use only.

Cross of the Sisters of Mercy, from a devotional print, ca. 1920

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