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Open Access Resources: Home

A guide to open access repositories and open educational resources.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a type of license that expands upon the content’s copyrights. The creative commons license allows content to be free to use and possibly adapt for whatever purpose the viewer wishes.

Beall's List

Started in 2008 by American librarian Jeffrey Beall, Beall's List contains the names of potentially predatory open access publishers and journals. This list, along with the infographic at the bottom of this guide, are helpful tools in evaluating the quality of open access periodicals. 

Open Access Finding Tools

Some browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox can be used to help you find legally open copies of journal articles. 

Contribute to this Guide!

We welcome recommendations for additional resources for this guide.
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What is Open Access?

Open Access is a type of unique publishing strategy that allows articles and research data to be available online, for free or a low subscription fee. The aim of Open Access is to provide a more global learning experience for both students and teachers.

What is Open Education?

Open Education is similar to open access but it deals with textbooks and related learning materials. The copyrights are usually adjusted to allow educators and researchers to use and adapt the lessons and learning aids to suit their purposes or teaching styles. These platforms are also either for free or for a low fee subscription. 


Some Criteria for Determining Predatory OA Publishers

Want to learn more about OER?

The Community College Consortium for OER hosted a series of informative workshops on OER during the summer of 2020. Links to recordings and slide decks can be found here.