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Library Tools Guide: Database Searches

Welcome to the Mount Aloysius College Library! This LibGuide provides the steps so one can access and correctly use the various databases and tools, such as EZSearch, ProQuest, and Journal Finder, that the Library has to offer.


The webpage for the Library has been revised since this guide, Library Tools Guide, was created.  The material in this guide is still useful and up-to-date, with the exception of the Interlibrary Loan Link.  This link is now not direct.  In order to access the interlibrary loan request form, click on "Resources" under Quick Links on the main Library page.

The main issue with this guide is that the screen captures need to be updated as they do not align with the narrative.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  You may continue to use this page until the revisions are made within the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime, please email us at with any questions.


The easiest and quickest way to search for sources is via the EZSearch bar.  The EZSearch bar is located on the MAC Library website. To search simply type any title, author, subject, or keyword into the search bar, then click "Find It!"


EZSearch will then combine all of your results into one screen.  EZSearch is very vast and combines many different sources and results together.  It is not wise to take the first suggestion offered, but rather to narrow down the search to help find what you are looking for.

On the left side of the search you will find many options to help refine your search.  You may chose between Full Text Online, Scholarly and Peer Review, Peer Review, and Library Catalog.

Here you can also chose "Content Type" to narrow it down to different types of works; such as newspaper articles, journal articles, magazine articles, books, ebooks, and other publications.

You can narrow the search down even further by choosing the "Publication Date" option.  You can slide the cursor to select a window of publication dates or simply type the dates right under the graph. 

While EZSearch is very easy, it often does not narrow the search down very well.  The library offers many other databases that are useful in doing research.  This guide outlines how to use those tools as well.

Database Search

You can also do a vast database search using ProQuest while doing your research.  To access ProQuest Central, first choose the "Articles/Databases" button on the Library main page. 


From there,select the letter "P" and choose "ProQuest Central".


Once in the ProQuest Central database, you may search based on topic, title, author, subject, keywords and more.  For help refining your search, as well as other good research strategies click on the link to the Research Strategies LibGuide below.

Research Strategies LibGuide

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