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Freshwater Ecology: Films on Demand

Explore the riches of this resource for outstanding films on your topic. We offer several suggestions below. We encourage you to look for more films on your topic of interest in freshwater ecology!

Films on Demand - A MAC Database

Films On Demand is a web-based digital video delivery platform that allows you to view a collection of streaming videos anytime through the database. Titles are viewable in segments or full video when available.

Access to this database is through the A-Z listing of databases on the Library's website.  Simply click on the "Articles/Databases" button to get to the listing.  If you are off campus, you will be asked to log-in.  This is the same log-in as the one you use to access the network on campus.

"Getting Started with Films on Demand," from Lone Star College - North Harris, is a short tutorial that you may want to view.  The narrator will walk you through the steps of setting up an account and playlists as well as basic searching in the database.

Films on Demand provide citation details for each film.  As always, check the most current issue of the style guide required for your assignment.

Some Further Suggestions

Miraculous Water

Miraculous Water: The Effects of Scarcity and Abundance in Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Mali
53 minutes

In sub-Saharan Africa, water is the focus of daily life. This program seeks to understand its centrality by investigating the situation at Lake Ganvie, Benin, an “African Venice” where survival is threatened by environmental changes, improper sanitation, and water-related illnesses; a perceived correlation among Dogon elders between their people’s shift away from the worship of Nommo and an increase in drought conditions; the scarcity of and limited access to water in Ethiopia near the Sahel; annual mud-fishing in Mali, as malnourished locals, desperate to fill their stomachs, gather unhealthy fish in the sure knowledge that eating them will make them ill; and the worship of Mami Wata on the banks of the Volta River and the annual fetatotro, a turning-of-the-year festival. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 53 minutes)

An Overview of Problems

A PBS Production - Earth: A New Wild


Dr. Sanjayan explores humankind’s relationship with the Earth’s most important resource: water. Unraveling dramatic connections between fresh water and the health of the planet, he uncovers spectacular wildlife stories that center on managing the natural pulse of the planet’s water. The episode includes a kayak journey that follows the Colorado River to the sea; the elephants and people at the singing wells of Kenya; the surprising connection between AIDS and a small fish in Lake Malawi; and a look at how hunters in America saved one of the greatest gatherings of birds on the continent.