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Information Technology Resources: Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a section of science which deals with recovering and investigating crimes associated with digital devices. This mostly includes all computer crimes. On the other hand, digital forensics can do investigations on any other device used in storing data.

Associations, Organizations and Government Agencies

Digital Forensics Investigations

Digital forensic investigations have their own ways to deal with criminal cases involving cybercrime.  These type of criminal cases generally involve theft by fraud or embezzlement.  These can be crimes that impact the government, as in income tax fraud committed through the use of digital devices.

     Digital forensics can also be used in the private sector when investigation is needed. For example, network intrusion by criminals against corporations can be an issue that needs digital forensic investigation. However, the technical aspect of this investigation can several branches, depending on the type of device that was used in committing the crime. These branches include computer (desktop or laptop) forensics, mobile device forensics and also network forensics. Digital forensics can help to get direct evidence of the crime.  Such investigation can even link the crime to the suspects, making it easier for the investigation to proceed.