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Islam - RS 317: Databases

A guide to library and other resources on Islam

What to use? Articles from magazines and journals or books? A student FAQ

Well, as in so many things, the simple answer is that it depends.

Articles are more narrowly focused than books. 

Use articles from scholarly journals when doing in-depth research on a specific aspect of a topic. For example, it would be easier to find an article about Islam and identity and Sudanese women in the United Kingdom than it would be to find a book on this narrowly focused topic.

Magazine articles are generally better for more current information on a topic and are primarily intended for general audiences.  Magazines are a good place to find articles on the latest developments in the Sudan.  ProQuest Central also includes coverage of selected newspapers.  These, of course, report the most up-to-date information.

Most databases identity citations by the publication type - scholarly or peer-reviewed journals, magazines, trade journals, newspapers, etc. and also allow the searcher to limit searches to specific types.

Books, on the other hand, present more broad coverage of a wider topic, such as women and Islam and the United States.

When gathering resources for a research paper, particularly one in which a historical perspective is desired, it is a good idea to include a variety of types of resources.

EZsearch - Articles, Books & More - All in One Search

EZsearch is what is known as a "discovery tool."  It is essentially a single point of entry for the library's online resources - that is, all databases, including the online book catalog.  It is also possible to add results beyond the library's collection.

The key to using EZsearch effectively is to refine your search, using the limiters found in the left hand column.  An advanced search page is available.  Once you've run a search, simply click on the gear icon at the end of the search box.

(NOTE: The search box shown above is not live.  EZsearch is located on the main Library webpage at,

Full text journals

List of full-text journals related to Islam that are available in our databases.  Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these publication.  Each can be searched individually.

Also, check out this online publication: AramcoWorldAramcoWorld is produced "to increase cross-cultural understanding by broadening knowledge of the histories, cultures and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their global interconnections, past and present.   AramcoWorld is published in Houston, Texas by Aramco Services Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco. Both Saudi Aramco and Aramco are trademarks of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, a leading, globally integrated energy and chemicals company.


The databases listed below can be accessed from the main Library web page by clicking on the "Articles/Databases" link and then choosing the database from the A-Z list.

Print Journals - The Library Still Has Some

Holdings for print journals are integrated into the databases and listed in the online book catalog.  Be sure to check the citation date against the dates of the library's holdings for a specific journal.